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The Payers of the Service (The Clients) shall become familiar with these Rules and follow them when preparing the parcels and ordering the Services.

In case of an improper package, the Carrier shall not be held responsible for the safe transportation of the parcel or compensate the Client his incurred losses and may make the claim against the Client for the damage caused to the Carrier or the third persons.

The Courier shall have the right not to wait until the parcel will be accepted for more than 15 min. If the indicated Recipient is not found, the parcels travel to Panevėžys, wherefrom the Recipient will be able to accept the parcel. The cases of the repeated travel to the Recipient’s City shall be charged as the ordinary transportation of the parcel. When having a longer wait, the idle time shall be charged. The delivery of the parcel shall be performed to the yards of the housing estates, and the delivery of the parcel to the door of the flat is surcharged.

The Recipient shall unload the parcel, for the unloading of which the loading equipment is necessary.

We shall not be held responsible for the foodstuff being transported.


  • Cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, drugs and psychotropic substances;
  • Weapons, explosive, flammable, radioactive and other hazardous substances;
  • Pyrotechnic devices;
  • All types of aerosol;
  • Coins, currency notes, cheques or any securities payable to bearer, traveller’s checks, manufactured and unmanufactured platinum, gold, and silver; precious stones; jewellery; and other valuable articles;
  • Items with insulting or indecent  inscriptions or images;
  • Items the entry and use of which in the countries of the European Union is prohibited;
  • Other items prohibited by virtue of Resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.


NSiunta shall not accept any responsibility for the dispatches by mistake taken in the items of the content indicated in this Section. NSiunta shall have the right to stop the transportation at any stage in accordance with the established procedure and to inspect the content of the package, by making up the Certificate of the Commission, if it has a suspicion that the parcel contains the items prohibited for transportation, which can cause danger to the human health or other parcels, or are prohibited for transportation across the territory of the other countries. In such case NSiunta shall accept all necessary safety measures.

The Payer of the Service shall fully compensate the losses incurred and the expenses born by NSiunta therefore, independent of the fact, in which country they have been incurred. NSiunta shall not be held responsible for the parcels confiscated by the state institution.